14-Day Challenge

I decided to take the Metamucil challenge when I read about it in my email. Even though I had an unused container of Metamucil in my cabinet, I was curious if the challenge would help me.
What interested me was the claim that Metamucil gets rid of what’s weighing you down, so you can feel lighter. I was all about feeling lighter. As stated in a previous blog(Bloated), I have constipation issues. The lack of fiber and my unhealthy diet are the reasons for my constipation; I need to handle that.
I began the challenge by drinking Metamucil once a day. And almost immediately, it began to work. What a relief!
However, I slacked off after a few days of not feeling bloated. My old habits reemerged, and I soon needed help moving my bowels. So I started retaking Metamucil twice a day and of course it worked very well.
Even though I finished the 14-day challenge, I will continue with all the benefits of Metamucil; (which helps with constipation and lowers cholesterol and blood sugar) to take it daily.

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