I should have paid more attention to You drifting.

When I woke up one day,  

You were violently ASSAULTING ME!

What the HELL?!


There were various things I tried to stop the ASSAULTS.

Because it was clear You had turned against ME!


What did I do to warrant such ABUSE?!

I thought You were really into ME?!

Please tell ME what I must do to STOP 


I will do anything; I need You to help me!

I feel EVIL coming! 

This Pain is Unbelievable!

I don’t want us to be like this anymore!  

I can barely get up!

I have become PATHETIC!

Please tell me what I must do to stop the Intrusiveness.

Why won’t you ANSWER ME?


Everything I have tried doesn’t work!

I don’t know how much longer I can go on!

I don’t know how to defend myself against these ATTACKS!



3 thoughts on “My RA

  1. oh, I feel your pain! I was diagnosed with jRA when I was about 12 yrs old and it continued to plagued my life well into my 20’s. I hit a critical health crisis around 24 which I know was egged on my ‘doctors’. BUT! “self-help”, diet changes, meditation and consistent, easy, low stress yoga saved my life! I’ve written blogs on the journey, if you’re interested in the link – let me know! lots of scientific data surrounding AI disorders nowadays showing diet is a huge factor in inflammatory attacks. It 100% is for me! I’m turning 36 in May and although I feel creaky in the mornings, occasionally have some aches and pains – the small daily management has made such a huge difference over the last 7ish years. I speak with others who are really suffering from their RA symptoms but none of them took the steps I did to change it.. and their worse, not better.. I’m not saying it’ll go away totally but when we change our mindset and accept that we do play a role in our health and we can easily make a positive impact by simply moving a little each day, eating cleaner, reducing any alcohol to none or as little as possible, same with refined sugars & yeasts. They are all highly irritating things to your immune system and then domino over into RA symptoms/attacks.

    If you know all this already, forgive me! but whenever I stumble upon people who mention suffering from the same ailments I’ve had, RA, migraines, seizures, mental health misdiagnosis with BPA, PTSD, etc. I feel called to comment and put in a positive word of support and assistance! ❤ it's with my best intentions that I'm intruding into your comment section!

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