Confused and Frustrated!

It has been a couple of weeks since I had my Colonoscopy, and I am glad things are okay. The intense pain I felt afterward is what bothered me most about my procedure. I’m no doctor, but I believe my sciatic nerve was aggravated during the procedure. I am not complaining; just stating the probability due to my terrible crazy pain.
I spent several days trying to recover; Tylenol PM was the only thing that helped. Honestly, I am unsure if the Tylenol PM worked or if it just made me sleepy, and I felt no pain.
A few weeks ago, I read that young people are getting Colorectal Cancer at an increased rate, and they (the doctors and scientists) are unsure of the causes.
I have five children, three of them are in their forties. My constant rantings are about them getting a Colonoscopy. Their father died from Colorectal cancer several years ago, and I believe the three of them should at least get screened sooner than later.
However, the three have disregarded my rantings, and I am trying to figure out what to do. How can I get the three of them to understand how vital getting screened is?!

Confused and very frustrated

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